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9/28 – Old Rag Campout

Troop 964 will host the September Campout at Old Rag Mountain with a hike on the Old Rag Trail!

6/15 – June Campout

Troop 964 will hold its June Canoeing/Kayaking Campout at the James River Runners campground in Scottsville, VA. All scouts in attendance must have a completed BSA Swim Test or hold the Swimming Merit Badge to attend. Please contact with any questions!

James River Runners, LLC


Troop 964 Plants Milkweed

(All Photos) Troop 964 planted milkweed seedlings on the grounds of First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City (our Charter Organization) to help support the Monarch Population. Well done Scouts!

Troop 964 OA Ordeal

(All Photos) Troop 964 Scouts Jonathan C., Vincent G. and Patrick Y. participated in the Order of the Arrow Ordeal and are now members of the Order! Congratulations Troop 964 OA Members!

5/5 – Milkweed Planting

On May 5th the troop will be planting Milkweed seedlings in 2-3 places around the church. 

If you are unable to attend, but you still want to plant your milkweed at First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City please bring them with you for the regular troop meeting on Tuesday 1 May and I will find a spot for you to plant them. Please take pictures of your plants and if you happen to see any Monarch butterflies, the caterpillar, or a chrysalis please take pictures. NCAC is holding a photo contest and if your photo is featured in marketing materials or selected among the top entries you will be recognized as a “Top Monarch”.

Please water your seeds daily by spritzing them with a spray bottle and keep the pot in a sunny location in your house. You can place them outdoors in a sunny location, but you should probably keep them indoors over night for if the temperatures are going to dip to freezing. It should take about 2 weeks to see the plant sprout. Once it sprouts you should provide more water, but be careful not to overwater. If you happen to have a cat you might want to cover the plant with plastic when you are away. 

NCAC photo contest:
Submit your photos to
If your photo entry is used in the Scouter Digest, on any NCAC website, or in our marketing materials, or is selected among the top entries, you will be recognized as a Top Monarch.
This is an NCAC wide conservation initiative, so I plan to submit the names of all the scouts who participate and assist with the garden to Jason Wills, so you can receive conservation related volunteer time!

NCAC Milkweed for Monarchs Pledge: (PDF Online)

I agree to:

  • Help create a milkweed garden with milkweed provided by NCAC.
  • Care for my milkweed plants and garden.
  • Allow any wildlife to thrive.
  • Take photographs or draw what I see, and submit pictures to:
  • Educate my community about what I learn.
  • Have FUN!

5/18 – May Campout

Troop 964 will have an IRON CHEF Cooking Campout the weekend of May 18th through May 20th at the Flying Circus Campground in Bealton, VA.

5114 Ritchie Rd, Bealeton, VA 22712

4/27: Shooting Campout

Troop 964 will be hosting a Rifle & Shotgun campout on April 27th through the 29th. Stay tuned for more details!

Visit Boy Scout Troop 964

The Troop is dedicated to instilling Scout values and building character among middle and high school aged youth.

To visit our Troop, please contact us in advance to ensure we are meeting at our regular time and place. Any questions please Scoutmaster Daniel Getwright at or his Assistant Scoutmasters at above e-mail.

Troop Meetings Are Tuesday nights, 7:15 – 8:45 PM at First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City, at Minnieville Road & Cardinal Drive.

Our Troop

Founded in 1977, Troop 964 is chartered by First United Presbyterian Church of Dale City, Virginia. Our Troop promotes the values of the Scout Oath and Scout Law through service to our community, local charities, charter organization as well as local and national parks in the Northern Virginia area. Since our charter Troop 964 has had 82 Scouts reach the rank of Eagle. Our Troop enjoys monthly outdoor activities year round and a week long summer camp each summer at various camps around the Virginia/Pennsylvania area.

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