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Boy Scout Troop 964, Dale City, Virginia

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Pumpkin Chuckin'  Recruitment Campout - November 5 - 7, 2010

Welcome to our campoutTroop Master Root's TentTroop FlagOld GloryLoad

FiringFirePumpkins Happy For NowResetting This is HeavyReloading

Trebouchet LoadedPumpkin AwayWe Have Lots of AmmoLet's Setup Some TargetsEven The Youngest Help

Target Pumpkin PileBoys Waiting Their TurnTrebouchet In It's Full GlorySpectatorsMy Artwork

Taped Pumpkins With ArtTaped, Drawn and Ready to Go!Art - Not For Long!Oh No!  Not Me!Pumpkin In Flight

Lining Up For MoreAre You Pumpkins Happy Now?More Spectators!I Can Shoot This!Come On And Fire!

My Turn To Fire!Splat!Victim Remains.  Leave No Trace.



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