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Boy Scout Troop 964, Dale City, Virginia

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Klondike Derby January 2014

The Black Hawks Patrol Pulling Their Sled The Legends Patrol Sled Needs A Little Work After Taking A Short Cut The Monster Burger Patrol Begin To Load Everything Onto Their Sled The Bacon King Patrol Trying To Keep Things Dry During The Rain (No Snow This Year) The Boys Work On Mapping Things Out With Their Compass

The Monster Burger Patrol Work On Their Lean To The Bacon King Patrol Work To Build A Triangle Strong Enough To Carry One Of Them Using Lashings and Knots The Monster Burger Patrol Works On Building A Fire From Scratch The Bacon King Patrol Have Finished Their Lean To and Learn More About Wilderness Survival From Mr. Arrighi The Legends Patrol Having Fun With Slingshots








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